How To Identify Silk Fabric

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The domestic satin implements the unified product number formulated by China National Silk Corporation. The article number is composed of 5 Arabic numerals. The first digit on the left indicates the type of material: all silk fabrics (including mulberry silk and silk) are "1", chemical fiber fabrics are "2", blended fabrics are "3", tussah The silk fabric is "4", the rayon fabric is "5", the interlaced fabric (including acetate silk fabric) is "6...

What Is Fabric Categories

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The nature of common fabrics:1. Hemp: It is a kind of plant fiber, known as cool and noble fiber. It has good hygroscopicity and quick moisture release. It is not easy to generate static electricity and has a large heat conduction. It can quickly dissipate heat and wear cool. It does not wear after sweating and is more resistant to washing. Good heat resistance.2. Mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth, soft, and lustrous, with a sen...

What Is Silk Fabric Of History

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China is the hometown of silk fabric. From the perspective of archaeological discoveries, the origin of Chinese silk can be traced back to the distant Neolithic period. Fragments of domestic silk were found in the Liangzhu cultural site in Zhejiang and the Yangshao cultural site in Henan. It shows that about five thousand years ago, with the development of society and the needs of life, people have gradually mastered some of the original producti...

What Is Cotton Fabric

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Pure cotton fabric are made of cotton as raw materials and produced by textile technology. They have the characteristics of moisture absorption, heat preservation, heat resistance, alkali resistance, sanitation and so on. Pure cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and heat resistance, and is comfortable to wear.For some work clothes with high requirements on clothing hygroscopicity, pure cotton fabrics can be selected for processing. For e...

What Is Polyester Fabric

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Polyester fabric is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester obtained by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and diol. The polyester chain research report pointed out: Industrialized mass-produced polyester fibers are made of polyethylene terephthalate, and the trade name is polyester. It is currently the first large variety of synthetic fibers.The specific gravity of polyester is 1.38; the melting point is 255~260℃, it starts to bon...

Silk shawl for women are one of the most popular accessories. They are soft, breathable and sustainable. Some popular silk fabrics used for shawl are habotai, twill and satin. Different scarf styles require different fabric types. If you want silk shawl for women in solid colors, then, they are available at us in various silk types and in hundreds of colors. While many clients prefer silk shawl for women in prints. We can custom for you with 1 piece as the minimum. How to custom a piece of printed silk scarf? 1.We need to select a silk fabric base and you may wonder how to select the base?

Some tips are as below. Lightweight and summer season: you may choose silk habotai and silk and the regular weights are 6mm and 8mm. These are very good choice for printed silk scarf. Mediumweight and spring/fall seasons: 12mm silk satin or 12mm silk twill can work as nice choices. Heavy weight and winter: 16mm silk satin or 16mm silk twill 2.Please send us the print file of your designs. 3.We will make strike off for your approval. 4.Kick off formal production once the sample is approved. Care instruction for printed silk charmeuse scarf. Dry clean is recommended. Avoid direct sunlight. Dry in shade.