What Is Silk Charmeuse Fabric

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What is silk charmeuse fabric? is one of the silk fabrics (such as silk chiffon, heavy silk and other varieties).Silk charmeuse fabric belongs to the category of silk, so it has the characteristics of silk, has good moisture absorption and antistatic properties, and its protein composition is similar to human skin, so it feels soft and comfortable when worn. In addition, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk fibers can absorb ultraviolet rays, which ca...

Stretch Matte Duchess Faux Silk Charmeuse Satin Fabric

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 printfabricwholesale Silk fabric, silk surface is divided into front and back, the front is bright and noble, the back is not shiny, darker, but not rough. Because of the protein properties of silk, the whole fabric will rebound when it is folded, and it has a little bones, but it is not obvious. It can be realized only by repeated rubbing. The silky crepe in the hand is absolutely smooth and smooth!The pure silk crepe duchess satin yarn only ha...

What Is Process Of Charmeuse Fabric Dyeing

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First of all, we have QC team to select the most proper silk bases depending on different colors and production requirements. You know, different colors place different requirements on bases charmeuse fabrics. Once selection is finished, bases are sent to dyeing workshop. Above can be considered the first step of dyeing process. Of course, more primary steps are involved, such as silkworm feeding, silk yarns spinning and cultivation as well reeli...

The Dying And Printing Process For Silk Charmeuse

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A good printing and dyeing process determines the color fastness of fabric and clothes. The following are common processes on the market: reactive dyes Silk charmeuse The dying used in traditional printing and dyeing processes are mostly direct, acidic and neutral dyes. Most of the color fastnesses are only  level 3, and the deep color is still far from this index. Therefore, to make real Silk charmeuse truly reach the goal of washing and wearing...

Charmeuse Cheongsam Daily Maintenance Tips

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 How to wash and maintain silk double face satin cheongsam? The maintenance of silk cheongsam is very important. Dry cleaning must be used. Avoid exposure, because silk is animal fiber and contains protein. Excessive exposure will make the fabric chemically react and turn yellow, which will affect the color and wear effect.How to wash silk cheongsam:1. It is recommended to dry clean. Try not to wash.2. If you wash by hand, you should also rub gen...

Because of the excellent performance and decorative effect of printfabricwholesale.com silk, it is especially favored. Magnificent silk costumes have always been the symbols of the luxurious life of the nobles and royals. And this also led to the elaborate work of official weaving and the development of high-end products.

What is www.printfabricwholesale 100% silk charmeuse 19mm? Let’s answer this questions from several aspects. 1. In term of component, this fabric is made up of 100% mulberry silk satin which a completely natural fiber. 2. To be strict, charmeuse is not a type of fabric but a weaving method. The fabric woven in this way usually has a lustrous front side while a dull backside. 3. Let's talk about 19mm. MM is short of Momme. It is not a length or thickness unit but a weight unit.

1MM=4.3056gsm And some people take printfabricwholesale.com 100% silk charmeuse 19mm into the group of heavy silk fabric while we still think it is in a medium weight. For 100% silk charmeuse 19mm, we have 33 colors in stock and the minimum is one meter per color. Custom dyeing and printing are available at us too.Please contact printfabricwholesale for more details