What Is Silk Satin Fabric

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What is silk satin fabric? is an all-silk, with weak twist on warp, strong twist on weft, weaving with satin weave structure, bright satin texture on the front, and double crepe on the reverse The silk fabric is thicker than the double crepe. The current commonly used silk satin fabric specification is 14656, which is a relatively thin fabric. 14101 is a relatively thick  fabric,which is a regular fabric in all true silk fabrics. The bright satin...

Stretch Matte Duchess Faux Silk Charmeuse Satin Fabric

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 printfabricwholesale Silk fabric, silk surface is divided into front and back, the front is bright and noble, the back is not shiny, darker, but not rough. Because of the protein properties of silk, the whole fabric will rebound when it is folded, and it has a little bones, but it is not obvious. It can be realized only by repeated rubbing. The silky crepe in the hand is absolutely smooth and smooth!The pure silk crepe duchess satin yarn only ha...

Source Of Mulberry Satin Silk

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printfabricwholesale: generally: when a woven silk factory is used to calling silk, or when buying clothes, it will be said that the clothes are silk. When doing fiber identification, it is said that mulberry silk, for example, identifies that the composition of the crinkle satin fabric is 100% mulberry silk.     That is to say, their relationship is that the composition of silk fabric is mulberry silk. Silk is the raw material, and silk is the p...

Characteristics Of Fabric Satin

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The characteristics of satin fabric: all or most of it adopts satin texture (except for the crepe satin woven with strong twist yarn), the texture is tight and soft, and the silk surface is smooth and bright. The texture of the fabric is thick, the appearance is bright and smooth, the color is rich, and the effect is more remarkable when combined with jacquard.Types of fabric satin specifications: there are many varieties, the raw materials are m...

How To Selcet The Satin Fabric For Clothing

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How to buy silk? Tips on silk maintenance; when choosing silk duchess satin clothing, you must first look at the instructions for use of the clothing, pay attention to the fiber content on the washing labels and tags, pay special attention to the content of silk, choose the model that suits your body shape, and then look at the quality of the clothing, crinkle satin fabric Whether there are draws, stains, whether the color is consistent, whether ...

More information about printfabricwholesale heavy silk satin fabric Heavy silk charmeus fabric is one of the most luxury fabrics worldwide. Items like 30mm and 40mm silk satin can be named as heavy silk satin fabric. Sometimes, 22mm and 25mm silk satin can be categorized into this group as well. Heavy silk satin fabric is heavy weighted of course, but it is soft at the same time,

coming with glorious natural sheen. Featured with high end look, it can add quite a royal touch to the finished garment. It can be used for cutting prom dress, evening dress and wedding dress too. In such unique and luxurious attire made of heavy www.printfabricwholesale.com silk satin fabric, you will be spotlight anywhere.

Specification: Weight: 30mm/129grams approx Width: 140cm/55’’ Availability: 27 colors in stock MOQ: 1 meter Recommended care tips Dry clean by professionals Avoid direct sunlight Cold iron Why choose us? We are a professional manufacturer of 100% mulberry silk, in both dyeing and digital printing. also carry brick and mortar stores in the silk market. For all items is our store, the minimum is one meter.

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