How to buy printed textile for your design


Upload pictures taken by your camera or mobile phone (take reference objects in a flat or vertical position, save pictures with maximum pixels) or scan pictures or designs (jpg, png or zip files),received payment,we provide production data within 3 days,let you confirm the project,then generate the order item and provide you with a tracking number within 7 days.

4 identical cup layout designs, specifying cup height and width cm, the design is very high print quality.

Generally, the height and width of photos taken by mobile phones will exceed can be printed on textiles.

Download our style pictures,enlarge the picture to the size of your textile in PS, then overlay it on your design, then click print, it is the reference effect of your design printed on textile.


You can find it on the product page,become a seller, share (, order your design for textiles.In order to improve the printing quality, printfabricwholesale may at its discretion adjust or modify your Content to achieve optimal results.

Seller's Agreement

Sell your designs at printfabricwholesale without any cost,just upload a product image and a printable represent and warrant that you own or otherwise are authorized to use the design being offered for sale. 

For all products bearing your Content sold by you through the printfabricwholesale you will receive a commission of the profit resulting from the sale in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the retail price paid by the buyer, regardless of any promotions or discounts received by the customer (“Commissions”).commission will be paid monthly (paypal).You will not earn a Commission for purchases that are returned or refunded,.

Affiliates (2 layer)

affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises  or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate 10% commission plus your subordinates affiliate 5% commission,commission will be paid monthly (paypal).You will not earn a Commission for purchases that are returned or refunded,.


The minimum fee is 100USD, but we are not responsible for customs risks。

Alliance relationship

If you like our website and operation mode, we can copy the printfabricwholesale content (Except for download files) in your domain name(your brand), you sell your own products while using our content to serve consumers, you can produce  printfabricwholesale products sell,or we produce them(the items you ordered on printfabricwholesale,you have a 20% discount.).

Your website server is the same as printfabricwholesale, managed and maintained by us. your website has a capacity of 50G and a monthly bandwidth of 50G(Scalable),ADMIN management rights OK, the source code is not open source.Costs 4000USD per year,Your website is 99% online.