crinkle satin chiffon fabric

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view cloth wide :58 inches | Composition 100%Polyester | weight:150.00g | The crinkle charmeuse satin fabric structure adopts satin plain weave change, with woven weaving to adapt to the high twist of the silk. Under the condition of strong twist of the former warp and weft, the warp and weft yarns are twisted after dyeing and finishing shrinkage, the fabric has obvious crepe feeling, the finished product is naturally stretched, and the interweaving point is firm, It is not easy to loosen and crack. The product has the advantages of softness, smoothness, breathability and easy washing. It has strong comfort and good advice use:bottoms formal wear blouses costume cosplay shirts couture scarves shawls.If you are interested in viewing the next product duchess satin

crinkle satin chiffon fabriccrinkle satin chiffon fabriccrinkle satin chiffon fabric