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Table runners banners by increasing qty, the default is to increase the length,Upload your camera or phone take pictures ( shoot reference as flat or vertical as possible,the biggest pixel save the picture) or scan picture or designs (jpg,png or zip file)., After paying the order, we provide the production information of the item within 3 days for you to confirm,then produce order goods,provide tracking number to you within 7 days

apron sleeves 60*80cm

Cocktail Napkins 10 x 10 inc 4 piece

Dinner Napkins 20 x 20 inc 2 piece

Tea Towels 16 x 24 inc

lacemats 19 x 13 inc 2 piece

Round Tablecloths 54 inc

banners flag 70 x 100cm 100 x 100cm

Table Runners wide 16 inc

Rectangular Tablecloths wide 54 inc