faux silk satin charmeuse fabric

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view cloth wide :58 inches | Composition 97%polyester 3%spandex | weight:100.00g|The satin charmeuse fabric warp uses 75D triangular shaped polyester yarn; the weft is 150D polyester low-elastic yarn; the fabric structure adopts satin flat oblique change texture, interwoven on the water jet loom, the product design is novel, the fabric style is unique, Very good satin flash visual effect, the fabric has the advantages of smooth feel, firmness, soft gloss and strong breathability. printfabricwholesale suggest:It is an ideal fabric for casual wear, women's fashion, skirts, car and home decoration.If you are interested in viewing the next product charmeuse fabric

faux silk satin charmeuse fabricfaux silk satin charmeuse fabricfaux silk satin charmeuse fabric