herringbone blue square braided synthetic bound lowes large outdoor grey natural best soft sisal fabric

poly sisal

$18.00 150g

sofa casual wear cushion pillow tablecloth tablecloth luggage does korean ramie fabric

poly ramie

$18.00 250g

uses of red laminated soft coarse coloured heavy fine hessian natural jute fabric

poly jute

$18.00 250g

yellow suzani silver pink grey green purple red blue gold sheer floral embroidered fabric

poly embroidered

$14.00 80g

gold yellow waterproof soft pink textured pvc green marine blue clear outdoor red vinyl fabric

vinyl fabric

$18.00 300g

tricotine fabric

spandex tricotine

$21.00 400g

heavy duty silnylon green patterned camo cordura lightweight waterproof ripstop fabric

nylon ripstop

$18.00 200g

baby short skirted green gold metallic colorful patterned leggings glitter slinky fabric

poly slinky

$18.00 250g

home fragrance pyjamas pattern stitch cardigan knitwear sweater what does pointelle fabric

poly pointelle

$18.00 200g

charcoal holiday patterned japanese fine baby stretch robert kaufman pincord corduroy fabric

poly pincord

$16.00 200g

yellow lambs pink stretch melton green grey lightweight red merino boiled melton wool fabric

stretch melton

$23.00 500g

cowboy new mid century tropical atomic reproduction retro hawaiian echino polyurethane laminate fabric

poly laminate

$14.00 100g

antique brushed pink vintage moda orange brown red country green blue primitive homespun fabric

poly homespun

$18.00 300g

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